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1 November 2023

An Update on the Magic Coat for the Middle East Books

As the war in the Middle East continues and escalates, so does the number of children losing their precious childhoods. The translation of the Magic Coat for the Middle East books is nearing completion, however we understand the urgency of this situation.

We have therefore made the decision to share the English edition of the book so any families who can read English can access and download this version. The translated Arabic and Hebrew editions will be shared as soon as they are completed.

The Magic Coat is here to support all children, regardless of race or religion, and we hope this book gives the children in the Middle East some strategies to help them get through this difficult time and to use in the years ahead.

Please see below The Magic Coat for the Middle East English Edition to read, download and share with children and families across the world.  

Check back here for the translated editions or subscribe to our newsletter here and you will be notified when they are available. 

Sending our love and support to all the families and children in the Middle East. 

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