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6 June 2024

Di Wilcox on Sleepovers

As well as co-hosting Inspired Parenting with Claire, Di Wilcox is a highly regarded parenting and education expert who founded and is CEO of The Magic Coat Foundation. A not for profit organisation that gives adults and children simple and effective tools to support young children’s mental health.

The Magic Coat Foundation sponsors this podcast to give parents/teachers and anyone working with children as much knowledge across many different areas within the space of families, child rearing, education, mental health and wellness. The podcast also shares childhood stories  from adults whose world was impacted greatly from childhood situations beyond their control so that we can all learn from them.

It was requested that Di would provide some insight into common everyday parenting issues from time to time on the podcast and in this episode, Di speaks with Claire about the two sides to consider before deciding whether your child will be part of a sleep over.

Sleep overs have always been a common friendship activity and children today still love them but are they always safe?

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