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5 July 2024

Lisanne Iriks

Lisanne is a mediator and coach with over 15 years of experience working with separated parents working their way through conflict as a mediator and coach. Lisanne is passionate about helping people see beyond their conflict and what is important to them. Lisanne helps clients stay out of the court system and work on how to move forward as co-parents in a way that works for everyone, especially the children. Lisanne is a big believer in educating parents on the impact of their conflict and recognises that that conflict resolution is a skill everyone needs in their lives but that a lot of  people do not get taught how to do it effectively. This is why Lisanne has  a passion for mediation and teaching as she believes having conflict resolution skills provide people with more happiness and freedom. Lisanne teaches family dispute resolution to mediators and is a mentor to mediators Australia wide. Lisanne enjoys teaching mediation and conflict resolution at Universities, government departments and for corporate clients. Lisanne is the founder of Life mediation, Podcast host for Conversations to Cut the conflict and the Co-Founder of the Coparenting Institute.

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