Natasha is a school Principal and has worked for the Department of Education for 30 years.

She has predominately worked with students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and is passionate about ensuring all children, no matter what background, receive the best possible education to ensure success in high school and beyond. She was selected to be the Foundation Principal of the new Landsdale Gardens Primary School and was instrumental in the design and staffing of the school.

Natasha realised that for children to reach their full potential academically, she needed to focus on improving their health and wellbeing. She implemented The Magic Coat program when Principal at Warriapendi PS to provide a common language through the school that helped the students to recognise and manage their emotions effectively. Once the students could do this, their behaviours improved and they were able to focus on learning.

Due to the success of The Magic Coat program at Warriapendi PS, Natasha is now implementing the program with students at Landsdale Gardens PS with early observations showing the same benefits.

Natasha joined the Board in October 2023. She has a Bachelor of Education.