Magic Coat for the Middle East

With the outbreak of war in the Middle East, a special adapted version of The Magic Coat has been produced for the innocent children caught up in this region.  

A similar book was created for the children of Ukraine and The Magic Coat Foundation continues to support these who are sadly still affected by the war. The children have benefited greatly from the Magic Heart for Ukraine book, with many bomb shelters decorated in Magic Coat characters and teachers and psychologists, along with the parents, reminding children of the strategies they can use to support their mental health. It is our hope that the children in the Middle East will also benefit much the same way. 

The online book is available free of charge and has been produced in English, Arabic and Hebrew. We encourage our followers to share the book through their social media channels so we can support as many children as possible.

Let’s teach our children to have empathy and care for our international community, and together we can all make this world a better place.