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24 April 2024

Amelia (Azizi’s Mum)

Amelia is the mum of our first guest, Azizi Donnelly. Amelia, worked as a fashion designer for some of Australia’s most prestigious fashion houses, she started designing and sewing at the age of ten years old making clothes for her and her friends dolls. Amelia started her own fashion range at just sixteen years of age selling to local boutiques in the area.

At the age of eighteen Amelia fell in love and was married for sixteen and a half years to a man she loved deeply. Unfortunately, life circumstances saw them grow apart leaving Amelia with a young baby girl, Azizi. When Azizi was eleven years old Amelia remarried and had a beautiful son who she is still extremely close to today, but this marriage was fraught with difficulties and in this episode, Amelia shares the highs and lows of being a working, married mother to a man who did not support her dreams.

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