We are very pleased to be able to provide the podcast, at no charge, for your listening pleasure. We hope they provide some valuable advice to help with your most important role in life, as a parent.   

The podcast will be hosted by mother of two and Magic Coat Founder/ CEO , Di Wilcox and co-hosted by the amazing Claire Ridley, Channel 9 reporter and producer and parent to gorgeous toddler, Arlo.

Featuring parenting stories from incredible guests on a diverse range of topics, the podcast will provide a tool to inspire others on their parenting journey.

We will also feature ‘special edition’ episodes where some amazing individuals will talk about their own childhood and what they believed positively and negatively impacted their upbringing, so those listening can make informed choices and decisions when raising their own children.

Tips and experiences on self-care, mindfulness and wellness are also included, because you can’t be a good parent if you don’t look after yourself first.

Thank you for listening!

Di and Claire 


Stay Tuned, Episode 1 coming soon!

Home of the Inspired Parenting Podcast

  • Anitta Carr

    Anita is a writer, speaker, advocate, creative and Mum to Zayn, Blakely and Daxton.In late 2020/early 2021 Anita was diagnosed with ADHD and separated from her husband. These two life changing events inspired Anita to start rediscovering who she was, and embrace all of the beautiful and messy parts of herself. She slowly found her voice…

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  • Carl Harris

    Carl is a 40 year old nurse here in Perth WA and is happily married to his partner Tim. After getting married in 2020, discussions of growing their family lead to pursuing adoption, IVF and surrogacy as means to realise their dreams of becoming parents. After navigating a number of challenges including a pandemic, and…

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  • Samantha Payne

    Our guest for this episode is Samantha Payne – the Co-Founder and CEO of The Pink Elephants Support Network.  The Pink Elephants Support Network are a not-for-profit charity, formed to support women and their partners through miscarriage, pregnancy loss and beyond. Sam is driven to ensure no one faces the journey of early pregnancy loss…

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  • Amelia (Azizi’s Mum)

    Amelia is the mum of our first guest, Azizi Donnelly. Amelia, worked as a fashion designer for some of Australia’s most prestigious fashion houses, she started designing and sewing at the age of ten years old making clothes for her and her friends dolls. Amelia started her own fashion range at just sixteen years of…

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  • Jessie Stoelwinder

    Jessie Stoelwinder has been a journalist for more than 12 years, and now works as a freelance brand storyteller and vision consultant. She’s also a yoga teacher and will soon be a certified Human Design reader – but her most important role is as a mother to almost eight-year-old daughter Winter. Jessie’s journey through motherhood…

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  • Kat Sobczyk

    Katherine Sobczyk is currently travelling Australia in her caravan with her husband Stu and 3 little ones. At 14, Kat lost her father suddenly. Kat’s dad worked so hard and never got to enjoy what he worked for. Kat has been a paramedic for 15 years and has seen a lot. One thing that stuck…

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