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The Magic Coat Second Edition

The Second Edition Magic Coat book is three times bigger than the original book, jam packed with new characters and evidence-based strategies to support children’s mental health, wellbeing and resilience. It is a perfect handbook for every parent and teacher to support the challenges and stresses that children go through everyday.

The Magic Coat teaches children to use the analogy of a bright yellow coat that has magic pockets inside. Each pocket contains characters that will enable them to deal with the day to day issues that they are facing. Children are encouraged to imagine that they are putting the coat on every morning before school so that they feel ready to face the day.

Written by Australian Author, Di Wilcox, The Magic Coat empowers children with skills and strategies that will help them deal with common childhood problems. Everything taught in The Magic Coat series empowers children with a set of life skills that will ensure that they grow into confident and resilient adolescents and adults.